We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about problems you may have while moving in.


About payment

Q. I don't know where to transfer the rent.

A. The transfer destinations of Japan Post Bank and Hokkoku Bank are listed on the invoice and contract for the occupancy fee.

Q. How should I pay the utility bill?

A. Water charges will be billed together with the rent. Please pay us. For electricity and gas, please pay to the electric power company and gas company after receiving the invoice.

Q. Is the transfer fee paid by myself?

A. Yes. The transfer fee is borne by the resident. Please let us know as Japan Post Bank and Hokkoku Bank can automatically withdraw money.

Q. In the case of automatic withdrawal, when is the withdrawal?

A. It will be the end of every month. If the end of the month is a financial institution holiday, it will be the most recent business day before that. Please be careful. (For example, if the 31st is Sunday, the 29th (Friday) will be the withdrawal date.)

Q. I couldn't withdraw automatically because my account balance wasn't enough …

A. Please transfer the amount written on the invoice immediately.

Q. Is the rent prepaid or is it paid this month?

A. Rent is prepaid. The invoice will be posted to the post one week before the payment date. Please pay the rent for the following month by the end of the month.

in trouble

Q. I lost my key …

A. The key to our apartment is non-replicatable. We will lend you a spare key for a while (about a week). If you cannot find the key, you will be charged for the key exchange. Please check the cost as it is stated in the contract.

Q. Water is leaking from the faucet.

A. Water is often leaking from the packing. Please contact us for repairs.

Q. Toilet drainage is clogged.

A. Use a rubber cup to remove the blockage. Rubber cups can be purchased at home improvement stores. If that doesn't help, please contact us.

* Depending on the cause, the resident may incur costs.

Q. The drain is clogged.

A. In the case of the kitchen, the oil, garbage, and detergent residue that is drained daily, and in the case of the bathroom, the hair and soap scum are the causes of clogging. Remove dust and slime. You can also prevent this by cleaning it with a commercially available pipe cleaner on a regular basis. If cleaning does not help, please contact us.

Q. Air conditioner, ventilation fan does not work or is noisy.

A. Please contact us. We will arrange the repair.

Q. The light bulb went out.

A. Within 3 months of moving in, we will give you a light bulb prepared by us. Please contact us. If it is over 3 months, please purchase the bulb yourself and replace it.

Q. There was a problem with the rental furniture.

A. Please contact us. We will ask the rental company to exchange it. (Depending on the judgment of the rental company, there may be costs borne by the resident )

Q. Received the mail of the previous resident.

A. In the case of mail, attach a note that says "転居" to the mail and post it to a nearby post or take it to the post office.

To the post office site

In the case of mail service, please contact each courier company and let them know that the resident has changed.